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Discussion in 'Washington, D.C.' started by Tyr, May 17, 2017.

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    Hello all you VMP Fam DC peeps! I know there's quite a few of you out there so I wanted to ask you opinion on some places in the city as I have not been there since I was 16y/o.

    I'll be taking my awesome wifi to DC as a surprise in mid-late August. She loves museums and the Smithsonian Museums in DC are the finest ones I've ever visited. I'm not worried about the weather as we live in AZ currently and at that time we'll be enjoying having our skin melted off. So the DC weather will be a reprieve from our current area :)

    I was wanting to know if anyone has any thoughts/personal experience on either the Mandarin Oriental just south of the Mall or on the Sofitel on Lafayette Square? I am considering either of those places because of their close proximity to the Smithsonian museums. Thoughts? Feedback? Better recommendations?

    Also looking for some restaurant and nightlife recs in the area. We are food lovers and obviously music lovers so any place that you think is rad in the area would be most appreciated. I'm a big lover of seafood as well.

    She's not really interested in visiting any of the memorials or Hill buildings (though, those are MY personal faves) so I think it will mostly be museum, restaurant, bookstore hopping for the 5 or so days we'll be in town.

    Thank you in advance for any advice you can give!
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