Rega Phono Preamp + More Audio Gear

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    Sep 18, 2015
    Im looking to sell some gear in order to buy some new gear, the following pieces are in near perfect shape and work 100%.
    Wanted to offer them on here before eBay or any others.
    • Rega Fono MM Preamp - Original box and power supply
    • Radial J33 Phono Preamp DI - Radial power supply included.
    • (2) Cambridge Sound Works Speaker Set (Dark wood or light wood finish) M50
    • Cambridge Sound Works Model 6 by Henry Kloss, Speakers re-coned and sound amazing 8ohm
    • Micro Seiki Turntable DD35 - with the highly sought after 505 tone arm.
    more to come... contact me and we can talk details, pics and shipping.
    thanks for looking
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