Sad Hour

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    Nov 4, 2014
    This actually sounds like fun

    you may be asking yourself: what exactly is sad hour?


    sometimes, you have a rough week at work
    sometimes, your significant other breaks your heart
    sometimes, the world just ain't on your side
    sometimes, you're so sad, you can't even use capital letters
    for your calendar listing.

    you can't imagine wanting to go to a happy hour on friday.

    so, what do you do about it?

    well... you don't go to a happy hour on friday...
    instead, you could come down to the bug jar
    on friday, january 1st, to be precise,
    and listen to some really sad songs
    all played on vinyl
    to make you feel better about yourself
    and your life
    because, believe it
    or not,
    somebody else out there
    has it worse off than you
    and some of those somebodies wrote songs
    having it worse off than you

    tim avery will be spinning sad, country tunes hand-selected to reassure you
    that things aren't really all that bad
    and it will be free
    and it will run from 5 - 8 pm
    at the bug jar
    and there will be free pizza to cheer you up
    at 6 pm

    you are welcome bring your sad records, too
    and play some sad songs.
    misery loves company, so bring your friends.
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