Technics 110a (1100) + SME 3009 ii Improved + Shure M97xe

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    Dec 5, 2017
    This is a phenomenal player, and genuinely a pleasure to use. In excellent condition condition, plays flawlessly at both 45 and 33 rpm.

    I'll put up some pictures tomorrow to showcase the excellent cosmetic condition. It includes:

    SME 3009 ii Improved fixed headshell, complete and with appropriate metal armboard. Made in England, bears the "Shure" branding.

    Shure M97xe, which was essentially designed for this tonearm. Low hours on the stylus, somewhere below 100. Excellent match.

    Technics 1100 turntable, which was sold during the beginning of the 1200's life as a more expensive model.

    Dustcover in great condition

    Technics brand felt mat

    I'm looking to sell this player to fund some speakers that will match my vintage amplifier. The only catch is that this player is almost 40 lbs and will be expensive to ship. I'm looking for about $500, and we can discuss shipping... Most likely UPS Ground. The dustcover is uncracked and one of the hardest things to find for this player- I'd like to ship in a large enough box to keep it uncracked in transit. I am located outside of Boston, and a local deal would be ideal. I'm willing to drive up to an hour to deliver it.
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